CBD for Reptiles

Reptiles can be a great, low-maintenance pet that doesn’t need the training or grooming that other pets require. These exotic, interesting animals are often valued for their affordability, ability to adapt, and longer lifespans. Even though reptiles are known for their low-responsibility needs, they can fall victim to certain health conditions just like any other pet. When it comes to veterinary care and pharmaceutical options, the choices are even more limited for reptiles than other pets. CBD may provide a viable option for various conditions.    

Your Reptile’s Endocannabinoid System

Reptiles have an endocannabinoid system just like any other mammal. This lock and key mechanism is a biochemical communicative system that plays a prevalent role in major physiological functions including pain, mood, sleep, appetite, and more. The endocannabinoid system produces endocannabinoids which attach to cannabinoid receptors located throughout your reptile’s body. When attached, the inhibitory feedback system is triggered causing the body to cool its inflammatory response while nudging all systems towards homeostasis. CBD has the same chemical makeup as your reptile’s endocannabinoids, causing a mirrored harmonic effect when introduced. Since the endocannabinoid system speaks to all physiological functions, that’s why CBD may offer potential benefits for so many different conditions.

CBD Benefits for Reptiles

CBD may provide a variety of benefits for pet reptiles of any age or species for numerous conditions including:
  • Ear infections: Turtles are especially prone to ear infections, however, any pet reptile can experience this condition. While keeping their environment clean with properly regulated temperature helps prevent ear infections, CBD’s encouraging antibacterial properties may provide a quicker recovery. The promising pain-relief benefits of CBD may also provide better comfort.
  • Amebiasis: Amesbiasis is a bacterial infection that’s more common in carnivorous reptiles. Keeping their environment clean is the first step in preventing this infection. CBD may provider antibacterial and pain-relieving properties for a quicker recovery.
  • Cloacitis: Also known as swollen vent, cloacitis is characterized as inflammation around your reptile’s vent where feces and urine are expelled. CBD’s promising anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may provide comfort while the potential antibacterial benefits reduce recovery times.
  • Metabolic bone disease: Reptiles that only eat insects or plants have a higher risk of developing this disease due to insufficient calcium. Metabolic bone disease can cause bowed legs, soft shells, and other deformities. CBD may promote bone cell growth while acting as a preventative when combined with a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D as well as full-spectrum UV lights.
  • Skin conditions: Dermatitis is common among pet snakes and other reptiles that are kept in environments with high humidity and aren’t cleaned properly. From inflamed skin to small, blister-like lesions, skin infections can be painful while impacting mobility. CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties may offer better comfort. The promising antibacterial properties may also aid in quicker recovery.
  • Septicemia: This prevalent condition can cause convulsions, seizures, loss of muscle control, and difficulty breathing. CBD may offer anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant properties for addressing involuntary movements and spasms.

  • Respiratory infections: Viruses, fungi, and parasites can all cause respiratory infections and disease. CBD may offer antibacterial and antifungal properties for a potential preventative while alleviating pain for better comfort.
  • Stress and anxiety: Just like any other pet, reptiles can experience stress and anxiety. There are numerous stressors that can trigger this behavior in reptiles. CBD may boost serotonin levels while providing anti-anxiety properties for alleviating your reptile’s stress.
  • Immune support: Common colds impact reptiles more than humans and mammal pets. Colds can lead to respiratory infections and other health issues. Since colds are difficult to treat in pet reptiles, prevention is key. CBD may boost immune system support, acting as a potential preventative.

Is CBD Safe for My Reptile?

CBD is a naturally-occurring compound with no long-term adverse side effects, no risk of overdose, and no risk of dependency. Our CBD reptile products are formulated with human-grade CBD for the purest, safest options on the market. Our products are always independent, third-party lab tested and have all natural, non-GMO ingredients.  

What’s the Right CBD Dosage for My Reptile?

Dosage varies from reptile to reptile, making it important to take the time to discover the right dose for yours. We recommend starting with a small dosage and working your way up slowly each day until the desired effects are achieved. CBD is non-toxic in large doses and presents zero risk for overdose, making experimentation safe. We always recommend speaking to your veterinarian before giving your reptile CBD. 

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Are There Side Effects? 

While side effects are minimal, rare cases have been reported. The most common side effect of CBD for reptiles are drowsiness and changes in appetite. Lowering the dosage may alleviate side effects– we always recommend observing your pet’s behavior before and after giving them CBD. Reptiles with sensitive stomachs may require taking CBD with food.

Does CBD Have Drug Interactions? 

Yes, CBD temporarily deactivates the cytochrome p450 system which is responsible for metabolizing the majority of traditional medication. Always speak to your veterinarian about CBD especially if your reptile is taking medication.

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