Can You Give Pets Too Much CBD?

CBD has been celebrated by pet owners across the nation for numerous therapeutic properties that their furry loved ones have experienced. While CBD may offer a wide scope of benefits for your pet, one of our most frequently asked questions is “can you give pets too much CBD?” We understand your concerns, especially since the dosage varies from pet to pet. Here’s what to consider when it comes to giving your pet CBD.

Pet CBD Dosage Guidelines: How to Make Sure You’re Giving the Right Amount

One of the benefits of CBD is that there’s no risk of overdose. This alleviates any concerns regarding large dose toxicity, dependency, and tolerance. However, giving your pet too much CBD can definitely lead to some undesirable side effects. These may include diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. While they’re temporary and not adverse side effects, this can give you a better indication in regards to the top end of what your pet should be receiving. Please be aware that side effects can also be caused by potential drug interactions, incompatible products, or poor-quality products. Make sure to speak to your vet if your pet is already on medication before trying CBD. If your pet is prone to plant allergies, finding a CBD isolate product may be more suitable. Experimentation is important for finding the right dose for your pet.

Human-Grade CBD Products for Your Pet

Pure Pet CBD is honored to provide human-grade CBD products for your pet. As a plant to pet provider, we offer the highest-quality CBD available and would love the opportunity to help you improve your pet’s quality of life. While CBD toxicity isn’t something to be concerned with, the CBD industry is currently unregulated meaning you can possibly purchase ineffective or even harmful CBD products. Make sure to purchase your pet CBD from a reputable supplier that offers COAs for all of their products.

For more information regarding CBD toxicity and dosage guidelines, please contact us!

Can Pets Use Topical CBD Products?

There are countless different ways that CBD can be administered for people– from edibles to smokeable products, it can come down to personal preference as well as what condition or ailment you’re looking to treat. So, what about pets? Can pets use topical CBD products? And what are the benefits available with topical application? Let’s take a closer look at how your furry loved one could potentially benefit from topical CBD application.

The Benefits of Topical CBD Application for Pets

CBD can be applied topically to pets just like you and me. All pets have an endocannabinoid system. This system is what makes CBD a potentially viable option for treating numerous conditions for pets. Pets have cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout their layers of skin. Applying CBD topically may offer relief for certain skin conditions like hot spots. The linoleic acid and essential fatty acid content in full-spectrum CBD may also promote skin and fur health. CBD can also be applied topically to specific problem areas like inflamed joints or mild to moderate injuries. Another benefit of CBD topicals is that the majority of the product is absorbed into the skin with very minimal amounts actually reaching the bloodstream. This shouldn’t cause drug interactions (like ingestible CBD) and may provide another way to incorporate into your pet’s regimen if they’re already taking medication. Always consult with your vet before giving your pet CBD, especially if they’re taking medication.

Pure Pet Full-Spectrum CBD for Topical Application

Never apply human CBD topical products on your pets– don’t risk the chance of them ingesting something potentially toxic to them. You can use either our tinctures or pop open one of our CBD softgels for applying topically. This gives your pet a safe-to-eat topical that’s just as effective.

For more information regarding CBD topical application for your pet, please contact us!

How to Find the Right CBD Dosage for Your Pet

While CBD may offer a comprehensive scope of promising benefits for your furry loved one, it differs from other pharmaceuticals and supplements that are on the market. Unlike medication that comes with a specific “one size fits all” dose, dosage actually varies from pet to pet. This makes experimentation important for finding the dose that works for your pet and their needs. This is a quick tutorial on how to find the right CBD dosage for your pet.

Tips on Finding the Right CBD Dosage for Pets

  1. We recommend starting with a low dose and working your way up. Also start with giving your pet CBD once a day. After administration, keep an eye out on how your pet is doing and if you see any improvements.
  2. CBD remains nontoxic in large doses, making it safe to experiment. Continue increasing the dose until you find a happy spot. While it can be hard to evaluate how your pet is feeling, you’ll know when you’ve given them too high of a dose. Too much CBD can cause side effects like fatigue, diarrhea, or changes in appetite. Keep an eye out for these signs and lower accordingly.
  3. Try giving your pet CBD at different times of the day with different frequencies. Some pets find relief when given CBD at an as-needed basis while others will require consistent administration for overall benefits.

Pure Pet High-Quality CBD for Your Pet

Pure Pet is honored to be a plant to pet provider, offering the highest-quality, human-grade CBD possible. We always encourage experimentation to see what works best for your pet. You can also experiment with giving CBD on an empty stomach or with food. Make sure to speak to your vet before giving your pet CBD since it can cause potential drug interactions.

For more information regarding how to find the right CBD dosage for your pet, please contact us!

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What Are the Symptoms of Your Pet Having a Reaction to CBD Oil?

As a pet owner, you do the best you can to make good decisions when it comes to your furry companion’s health. You take them to the vet regularly, make sure they get baths and nail trimmings, and feed them nutritious meals. You love them and would do anything to protect their happiness. That’s why when it comes to medication, many pet owners prefer natural and holistic alternatives.

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Can CBD Help My Pet Post-Surgery?

CBD’s reputation as a “cure-all” for a wide range of ailments is only continuing to grow. While further research needs to be done before anything can be said to be set in stone, the early research is certainly compelling. Evidence suggests that CBD may, indeed, have several useful medical and therapeutic applications. More and more people are beginning to realize this.

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Can CBD Help My Pet with Motion Sickness and Traveling?

In recent years, cannabidiol (CBD) has acquired a reputation as something of a non-psychoactive “wonder drug”. Today, more and more people are praising CBD as a remedy for nearly every malady, from arthritis pain, to anxiety, to insomnia. While the jury is still out in terms of whether or not these claims are scientifically accurate, what can be said with certainty is that a growing number of people are beginning to try CBD for themselves.

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What CBD Dosage Should I Give My Pet?

By now, most pet owners will have heard or read online about the various potential benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) can provide to their pets. Scientific research into the effects of CBD for pets is still in its early stages, but the evidence that’s been compiled thus far strongly suggests that it can be an effective means of alleviating aches, pains, and anxieties for animals.

But what does research have to say about dosage? How much CBD should be administered to pets? Is there such thing as too much? Here’s what you need to know.

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Does CBD Help with Separation Anxiety?

Whether you’re just headed out for the day or for a more extended period of time, having to part ways with your pup is never easy. And as many dog owners will understand all too well, separating can be especially difficult if your dog is prone to anxiety. What’s more, the struggle to care for a dog with acute separation anxiety can be exacerbated by the frequent travel that’s often demanded by people’s families or careers.

Thankfully, CBD oil for dogs might be able to offer an easily-accessible solution for separation anxiety. Here’s what you need to know about giving it to your pet.

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