CBD has been celebrated by pet owners across the nation for numerous therapeutic properties that their furry loved ones have experienced. While CBD may offer a wide scope of benefits for your pet, one of our most frequently asked questions is “can you give pets too much CBD?” We understand your concerns, especially since the dosage varies from pet to pet. Here’s what to consider when it comes to giving your pet CBD.

Pet CBD Dosage Guidelines: How to Make Sure You’re Giving the Right Amount

One of the benefits of CBD is that there’s no risk of overdose. This alleviates any concerns regarding large dose toxicity, dependency, and tolerance. However, giving your pet too much CBD can definitely lead to some undesirable side effects. These may include diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. While they’re temporary and not adverse side effects, this can give you a better indication in regards to the top end of what your pet should be receiving. Please be aware that side effects can also be caused by potential drug interactions, incompatible products, or poor-quality products. Make sure to speak to your vet if your pet is already on medication before trying CBD. If your pet is prone to plant allergies, finding a CBD isolate product may be more suitable. Experimentation is important for finding the right dose for your pet.

Human-Grade CBD Products for Your Pet

Pure Pet CBD is honored to provide human-grade CBD products for your pet. As a plant to pet provider, we offer the highest-quality CBD available and would love the opportunity to help you improve your pet’s quality of life. While CBD toxicity isn’t something to be concerned with, the CBD industry is currently unregulated meaning you can possibly purchase ineffective or even harmful CBD products. Make sure to purchase your pet CBD from a reputable supplier that offers COAs for all of their products.

For more information regarding CBD toxicity and dosage guidelines, please contact us!

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