Like many pet owners out there, we believe it’s crucial to really monitor everything that your furry loved one is eating. While CBD dog treats may be all the rage, many of these manufacturers are formulating treats with poor-quality products, fillers, and other undesirable ingredients. We don’t think any pet owner should have to sacrifice their pet’s health in order to give them CBD. Rather than formulating our own line of treats, we’ve focused on creating the purest, highest-quality CBD oil available on the market so that you can make your own treats! Here’s how:

What You’ll Need to Make Your Own CBD Dog Treats

  • Find a recipe: You can either search online or use one of your favorite treat recipes! This isn’t only for dogs but for any pet you may have. The one thing you’ll have to consider is cooking temperature– our tinctures are formulated with MCT coconut oil which has a smoke point of 320 degrees. Make sure to bake at this temperature or below in order to maintain cannabinoid quality as well as the healthy fats naturally-occurring in MCT coconut oil.
  • Know your dosage: Dosage varies from pet to pet making experimentation key in finding the right dose for your pet. Once you know how many milligrams of CBD you want in each treat, our tinctures make adding the right dosage to your recipe easy!

Invest In Your Pet’s Health Today with Pure Pet CBD

Making your own CBD treats can be incredibly rewarding and give you peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re giving to your pet. No-bake recipes are always ideal if you’re worried about cooking temperatures. We’d love to hear your favorite CBD pet treat recipe so please share! For more information regarding how to make your CBD dog treats, please contact our team!

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