can cbd help pets in pain

There’s few experiences more distressing than seeing your pet in pain. Yet for senior pets, chronic pain is a part of their everyday lives. As dogs and cats age, they’re more prone to experiencing painful health conditions like arthritis, dental disease, gastrointestinal issues, nerve pain, and joint issues.

Fortunately, there are numerous treatment options available today that pet owners can pursue to help their furry companions deal with pain and other health concerns. These include both traditional pharmaceutical options and many new natural treatments as well.

CBD is one of the many of the natural therapies available for pets today. While research is still exploring the potential benefits of cannabis for pets, the evidence that we have uncovered so far looks promising. Here’s what we know so far about using CBD to help pets when they’re in pain.

Giving CBD to Pets for Pain Management

Taking pain medicines like Vicodin and Percocet used to be standard practice. But now doctors are more cautious about prescribing these medications. We’ve learned a lot about the potential issues associated with long-term opiod and pain killer use. And many of the concerns associated with human use are the same for pets. That’s why so many pet owners these days are turning to alternative medicines like CBD for pets.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical found in cannabis plants. It’s similar to THC, but different in the manner that it does not produce the same psychoactive effects. For this reason, medical professionals and consumers alike have become extremely interested in CBD. From what we know so far, it seems relatively safe and it may help with many common health conditions, including pain.

Clinical Studies & Scientific Data

CBD was legalized only recently. Right now, we’re still studying it and learning about its effects on the body. There’s a long list of potential health benefits that scientists are now looking into. However, a good amount of research is currently being aimed at examining its potential as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

One recent study examined the effects of CBD oil on dogs with arthritis. A group of dogs were given either a placebo or CBD oil every 12 hours. The dogs who were given CBD oil showed a decrease in pain and an increase in activity during treatment. Other studies have shown similar results.

Can CBD Provide Pain Relief for Pets?

The evidence that we’ve gathered so far says that it’s quite possible. However, more research is needed before any firm conclusions can be drawn. What we do know is that more and more evidence is revealing that it’s a strong candidate. Furthermore, a large number of pet owners have reported positive results.

Giving CBD to Your Pet: Getting Started

Before you start giving CBD to your pet, it’s important to have a conversation with your veterinarian. Ask them if your pet is a good candidate for cannabinoid therapy. If they give you their approval, you can start looking for the right CBD pet products. Make sure to research the product and the manufacturer thoroughly before administering to your pet. Not all CBD oils are created equal.

Pure Pet: Affordable CBD for Pets

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