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Regular trips to a professional groomer are an important part of keeping your pup in good health. Among many other things, a groomer’s expert eye can check your dog’s skin, fur, eyes, and ears for infection. And many will also recommend an effective treatment plan if they detect any abnormalities.

Pet owners understand this well enough. But it’s a different story for our dogs. For them, a trip to the groomers is more often than not a cause for anxiety and nervous tension. Thankfully, CBD might be able to help.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how dog CBD may be able to offset your pup’s pre-groomer anxiety.

cbd dogs groomers

Can CBD Make a Trip to the Groomer’s Easier for Your Pet?

As of early 2020, our scientific understanding of how CBD interacts with the animal brain is fairly thin. That said, there are a few critical details that we understand. For example, there is very promising evidence that CBD has anxiolytic properties for human beings. This is a result of CBD’s interaction with something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present in all of our nervous systems and which plays a direct role in regulating vital biological functions like mood, sleep, and appetite.

The Animal Endocannabinoid System

Dogs also have an ECS (all animals with a vertebra do, in fact). This provides strong evidence that the effects of CBD that are available to them closely mirror those that manifest in human beings.

CBD & Pet Anxiety

It will take a few more years of research (at least) before we can say with certainty that CBD has a general anxiolytic effect on dogs in the same way that it appears to for us humans. But the evidence that has been gathered thus far – not to mention the testimony of countless happy dog owners – strongly indicates that CBD can be a powerful and remarkably safe tool for helping our dogs to cope with anxiety.

If you have a particularly nervous pup that hates that regular trip to the groomers, you may want to consider giving them a helping hand with dog CBD! Of course, whatever way you choose to administer CBD to your pet, you want to make sure you talk to a vet and are following dosage guidelines. But if your vet gives the go-ahead, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

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