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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found in hemp that may be able to provide animals with a range of pain-relieving and therapeutic benefits. In contrast to THC, the effects of CBD are entirely non-psychoactive, meaning that they don’t make the user feel noticeably intoxicated, impaired, or “high”.

It’s also been shown in recent years that CBD may be able to provide some relief for the chronic pain, aches, and discomfort that can arise and worsen as pets age. Studies have demonstrated, for example, that CBD may be able to relieve symptoms of arthritis, which is an affliction that is most common among older pets.

But is CBD safe for senior dogs? What are the risks, if any? Here’s what you need to know.

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Is CBD Safe for Older Dogs?

The recent cultural enthusiasm surrounding CBD has led many pet owners to become curious about the potential benefits for dogs and cats, especially those of an elderly age. They wonder, is it possible that CBD might be able to help their senior dog cope with daily and chronic pain? And, is it safe for elderly dogs to take?

Our dog’s bodies – like our own – grow more fragile with age. So it’s important that we ask ourselves these questions. We all want the best for our furry friends. Heaven forbid that we try to treat their pain or illness and something goes wrong.

But the good news is, CBD is safe for most older dogs to take. So long as it doesn’t conflict with any medications and you’ve gotten your vet’s approval, you probably won’t run into any problems.

What’s more, CBD might actually be best for older dogs, considering the fact that it can provide so much relief for the common symptoms they experience. This includes inflammation, arthritis, chronic pain, and the general physical wear and tear that’s associated with aging. All dogs, regardless of their age, can safely use CBD and dog hemp oil under vet supervision without running the risk of overdose.

CBD & Pain Relief for Dogs

We do not currently have any irrefutable scientific evidence which demonstrates that CBD is able to alleviate pain for dogs. That said, there are innumerable reports from dog owners that testify to CBD’s ability to help dogs of all ages cope with everyday and chronic pain. However, it’s always important to do your research and to talk to a vet before you introduce a new compound into your dog’s diet. But there’s a very good chance that CBD might be able to help your dog age more comfortably and happily!

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