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Cannabidiol – more commonly known as CBD – has made headlines in recent years for its unique properties. While it will certainly take many more years of research before we completely understand CBD and its effects, early research has been promising.

Furthermore, the apparent benefits of CBD are available not only to human beings but also to our animal companions! In other words, CBD oil for cats and dogs may very well help our pets to overcome some of their short-term and chronic ailments.

Socialization is one such example of something that many pets struggle with. Could CBD potentially help our cats and dogs overcome their social anxiety? Here’s what we know so far.

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CBD for Anti-Social Pets

Just like us, our pets are prone to suffer some degree of social anxiety. This can be a major problem, especially for those of us who live in cities, because our cats and dogs will regularly encounter other pets. If we have a pet who’s acutely socially anxious or having difficulty becoming socialized, they can quickly start acting fearful, aggressive, and antisocial.

Obviously, it would be better for them – and for us – if we were able to provide them with a remedy that could alleviate their anxiety, thereby making it more likely that they’ll socialize with other pets in a friendly and harmonious way.

What the Research Says

Again, there is precious little firm scientific evidence to draw from at this point. But we do know some things about CBD’s apparent anxiolytic properties.

For one, it’s been shown that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – which is present in all animals with a vertebra, including humans – plays a vital role in the healthy regulation of mood and nervous tension. CBD, as it turns out, appears to provide a boost to this natural process, helping our nervous system to remain calm in new and stressful situations.

Can CBD Help My Dog or Cat with Socialization?

It’s now widely believed that CBD can produce a calming and relaxing effect for animals, including household pets. If you’re struggling with a pet who’s having difficulty becoming socialized, it may be time to give CBD oil for cats and dogs a try!

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