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As the legalization and cultural embrace of cannabis continues to spread across the country, more and more people have begun to investigate how this remarkable plant might be able to provide relief for common ailments.

CBD, a cannabinoid found in cannabis and THC’s non-psychoactive cousin, has become particularly popular in recent years. And due to the fact that CBD appears to produce effects in animals that are similar to those in humans, a booming market for pet CBD oil has also begun to emerge.

If you’re thinking about giving CBD to your furry friend, you may have some questions about how to find the right product. Is there a special type of CBD for pets? Is it safe to give pets CBD products that are intended for human consumption? Here’s what you need to know.

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Human Vs. Pet CBD – Is there a Difference?

Despite the fact that the same CBD goes into products intended for human use as well as for animal consumption, these two categories of CBD products are typically labeled and sold separately. Of course, this makes perfect sense in many cases. Some products are clearly intended only for human use (CBD-infused lotions, for example), while others are exclusively meant to be enjoyed by pets (such as CBD dog treats).

But what about your favorite CBD oil? Is that safe to give to your pet?

Giving CBD Oil to Your Pet

As of early 2020 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow CBD products to be marketed and sold for both animal and human consumption. That said, it’s fairly safe to give your pet CBD oil, so long as it is labeled for animal use.

Like humans, dogs and cats both have endocannabinoid systems (ECS), which means that they have the biological infrastructure that can activate and respond with cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) after they’ve been ingested. It also means that the same benefits that CBD can provide to humans might also be available to our four-legged companions.

Risks & Concerns

CBD is very safe, but there are some key differences between pet CBD oil and products intended for humans. Human products are more potent and improper dosage could result in minor side effects – such as nausea or diarrhea. Always be sure that you’re giving your pet a dosage size that’s prescribed by the product’s label and that is appropriate for their size and weight.

Furthermore, human CBD products may contain terpenes or additives that aren’t safe for pets. Trace amounts of THC may also be present which could produce unwanted side effects. In other words, it’s important to read the product label thoroughly before giving Fido your favorite CBD oil. It may not be suited for non-human creatures.

Our Advice: Stick to Pet Products

In the end, giving your pet a CBD product that’s made for humans will probably not harm them. However, there’s always the chance that it could. If it’s not specially formulated for pets, then it might not be safe for them. Furthermore, figuring out the right dose could be tricky since human CBD products are more potent and regular dosages are too strong for pets. That’s why we recommend sticking to pet products when it comes to introducing cannabidiol to your furry loved one.

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