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Every Fourth of July, dog owners across the country grow worried about how the cacophony of noise from the evening’s fireworks show will affect their pups. And it’s not just fireworks on national holidays. By and large, any unexpected loud noises can produce acute anxiety and stress in our dogs (which, of course, leaves us feeling more stressed out, too). This has left many dog owners desperate to find a safe and effective way to keep their pups calm in loud environments.

Many people are asking these days: could CBD for dogs be the solution that we’ve been waiting for? Here’s what you need to know about how CBD helps pets cope with fireworks and loud noises.

dog fireworks cbd

Does CBD Help Dogs with Anxiety Caused by Fireworks and Loud Noises?

Scientific research into the effects of CBD and its potential benefits for pets is still in its infancy. As a consequence, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the particular effects that CBD has on a dog’s brain, body, and behavior.

That said, there are some studies that have been conducted which strongly suggest that CBD for dogs can produce a noticeably calming and relaxing effect. This research has demonstrated that CBD could be a promising medicine for alleviating our dogs’ physical ailments as well as their anxiety.

In other words, quite possibly, yes. There is a growing body of evidence which suggests that CBD may be effective in keeping your dog calm and anxiety-free as the fireworks display reaches its pinnacle this coming Independence Day.

What You Need to Know About Giving CBD to Your Dog

Further controlled studies will need to be completed before we’ll be able to say with certainty how CBD affects the canine brain. However, early research has suggested (indirectly) that it may be able to alleviate noise-induced anxiety.

Still, it’s always worth playing it safe when it comes to your pup’s health. If you’re considering giving your dog CBD to help him or her cope with anxiety, be sure you’re getting the most high-quality products available. And make sure that they’re made specifically for pets. In addition, always talk to your veterinarian to make sure there won’t be any negative interactions between CBD and your dog’s current medication regimen and overall health.

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