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If you’re like most pet owners, you’re always searching for new ways to improve your dog’s quality of life. And for that reason, you’ve probably grown curious about the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Can this miraculous compound effectively offset some of your dog’s pain, discomfort, or anxiety? If so, what are the best means for actually giving your pet CBD? Is there a resource out there that can provide you with the best CBD oil for dogs?

Fear not! These are common questions, and we’re here to shed some light onto all of them. Below, we’ve provided some information on how to give your pet CBD, and what the best options are for administration.

How to Safely Give Your Pet CBD

Let’s say that you’ve already found the best CBD oil product for your dog. Now that you’re ready to go, what are the best ways to actually administer the oil so that it reaches your pup’s stomach? The fact that it’s an oil – rather than, say, a pill or a tablet – can make it difficult to deliver the proper amount successfully. But with a little bit of patience, and a lot of love, it can be done successfully. And your pet will be grateful that you took the extra time and effort to make them feel better.

pet cbd administration methods

Administration Methods

Here are three strategies that we recommend for giving CBD oil to your dog:
1. Administer it directly into your dog’s mouth. Not all dogs will tolerate this, but some will be relaxed and cooperative if you simply open their mouth and empty the contents of the dropper inside, as near to the back of the throat as possible. It’s also helpful to follow up with a treat to make sure that they swallow the CBD.

2. Mix it with something that they usually enjoy. Alternatively, you can try mixing a single dose of CBD oil with something soft and tasty. Peanut butter or plain yogurt are good places to start – and having your dog lick the mixture from a spoon!

3. Apply it to the top of their favorite treat. This option works best for smaller dogs who need a proportionately smaller dose of CBD (applying an entire dropper-full of CBD oil onto a dog treat tends to be messy and wasteful). If you decide to proceed with this option, be sure that the treats you’re using will be able to absorb the oil and that you wait fifteen or thirty minutes before giving them to your dog so that the oil has time to thoroughly soak in.

A Process of Trial and Error

Finding the most effective CBD delivery strategy will depend on your dog’s taste, personality, and tolerance. If the first option fails, don’t despair! Instead, try an option that will be a little more agreeable to your dog’s patience and taste buds.

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